Monday, March 31, 2008

If You Love Me, Don’t MESSAGE BOARD Me!

Hell, if all you want is to keep me from believing you are breaking my balls, deliberately, don’t message board me.

Now to be plain and honest about it, I am far from perfect, but in fairness that is because I am perfectly human. Sometimes I wish I were not that emotionally expansive (euphamism there.) I do not think I am all that excessively emotional. I actually think I am sorta balanced, in that most things are not going to bug me out, but there are things that do.

But what I need out of life is this. I want to be able to express myself. And I want to be able to say:

"That person sucks,"


"That person is wicked,"


"That person is garbage,"

and beyond all else I want the simple, cost-free low to no effort response of Not Being Contradicted.

Is that too much to ask from the world and the people in it? I am not asking for validation or agreement. I can live quite well without agreement. All I need is to be able to express my feelings freely, particularly when it is damned obvious that what I am doing is expressing my feelings. Simply human, it is to do that. Just as simply, it should be easy to say:

"Un hunh."

"Sorry 'bout that,"

or even the truly noncommittal,

"Dude, that sucks!"

Ok. I do admit that expecting that from the world at large might be expecting too much, as the world does not care for me any bit more than the billions of other puny earthlings inhabiting it's surface.

But I say with more specificity, is that too much to ask from a friend; to just listen and accept, and NOT contradict? But if you contradict me; if you are going to treat the thing as a matter that is up for debate? IF you are going to do like those people do on message boards, and argue with me for not good reason at all (if not deliberately to get me all fired up?) That would be message boarding me.

Message boarding sucks. Even on a message board, treating people that way sucks. It is about as far from being a friend one can be, without deliberately hurling insults with the goal of causing emotional distress.

So please, do not message board me, unless you want me to believe you are breaking my balls, deliberately.



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