Sunday, March 23, 2008

Come On People! You KNOW THIS Already. Ok. One Last Time . . .

when you make generalized statements,
about most if not all of a group of people,
who are a different race than yours,
and as long as that statement is critical, and
referring to them as a race,

you assume the risk of being called a RACIST!

You likely will deserve it too, as that is really what the meaning of racist is. It is not merely criticizing a member of a different race, but the thing requires some general disparagement of the race, at least, or disparaging remark generally leveled at the race.

For example saying all or most blacks (fill in the blank with what ever criticism your hateful little mind embraces).

Ya. That is the classic racist expression of a classic racist thought.

Oh, and fervently believing it doesn't help you at all. Rather it means you are that much more likely a stone racist, if you really really believe in your disparaging racist thoughts.


I hope I NEVER have to type this out again.

Oh, and before I go -- Happy Easter/Passover/Equinox/nothing at all if that is your bag.

Spring is unofficially here. So please take this opportunity in the season of rebirth to turn over a new leaf, particularly if you have a history of holding generalized racist thoughts.



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