Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not a Particularly Mind-Blowing Weird Week.

Was sorta quiet, personally and nationally.

Um . . . . not exactly weird, but sorta typically, there was the dumbassed stunt with John Boehner, at the Podium in the Well of the House Chamber, DECRYING GRANDSTANDING, and moments latter, leading a walk-out of GOP Congress Critters out of the building, to . . .

a pre-set podium for their post walk-out grandstanding.

Now mark me. I am trying to cut back on the snark and cussin' and all that crap.

Good thing too.

Lately it has got to be too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

I am not even going to link a story or vid. And I will not take the easy cheap shot but I will say as follows:

Who do these people think they are fooling?


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