Friday, February 08, 2008

I Do Not Know About You, But . . . . Humor Over Politics and Social Dysfunction???

I will take humor.

I can talk more about Mittens, who is such a flip-flopping (more-so than Kerry on his worst day), stooge, that he can, out of one side of his mouth, say that the problem with the USA is there is not enough attention being paid to GOD, but also say that the problem with Islamic Radical Terrorists is they consider Democracy a threat to their religious ideology???


Or, I can talk about that dingbat David Shuster, who has been suspended from MSNC following his witless "pimp'n" remark re Chelsea Clinton. (Damnit, how many times do ah gots ta school these wasp posers that if you ain't genuine ghetto, or at least got walkin' papers from real ghetto peeps, that you got no bidnezz actin' ghetto, ya poz'n skank-a-slore?)

Remember Imus, you numbnutz?

I am going to stop there with the alt. commentary and just post the link to the hilarious Conan O'Brien vid.

That was a welcome comedic break from the Mind Blowing Weirdness that passes for life in America, lately.

Oh and . . . TGIF!


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