Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ZEN and the Art of St. Valentine's Day.

Confusing lead off, sorry. I will try to 'splain.

At first, like a couple days ago, my thought was to post something on the order of "Is it Too Early to start HATING ON VD yet? Seems like time is ripe to me."

And as anyone who has been following this blog for the past two three years (all seven of you) know, I have had major sucking, makes me think that the planet is full of garbage faced douchebags, awful Valentine's Days for the past (what is it four or five years?)

DON'T TELL ME THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME. I will not accept that shit. That shit could lead to the start of WW III. Well . . . . here is where the ZEN kicks in.

Now I do not take/make formal New Year's resolutions, but I sorta said sorta to myself at first (and to the nice lady at work today) that I have sorta thought I should try to get/be more ZEN this year, so here is the way I am going to try it this year.

I am going to, keeping in mind the goals and traditions and sensibility of ZEN, try NOT to bug out and try to NOT rage at a world that does not love me.

Failure is highly probable. LOL!


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