Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Survived Another One. More Than Just Barely.

Hello 2008. Glad to meet you. No, it is not that 2007 sucked all that much. It is more like . . . . as they say regarding Washington Politics . . . it was business as usual.

(I have already tired of using that 'voice.' Let me go back to straight blogging voice here.)

Let me just cut to the chase. Here is what I want out of 2008.

(And even if you are only an infrequent reader here, you can well guess.)

LESS BULLSHIT. More candor.

LESS STUPIDITY. More thoughtfulness.

LESS HATE. More peace and understanding.

LESS DOUCHEBAGGYNESS. More respect for others' dignity and as well, respect for the standards of mindfully-polite social conduct.


LESS CRAZINESS. More sanity and reasonableness, PLEASE?


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