Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mittens to Old Man John. You accused me of agreeing with two-thirds of Americans. TAKE THAT BACK!

Talk about MIND-BLOWING Weirdness!

McCain accuses Romney of having once been in favor of a withdrawl timetable, and Mitt just looses it. Now accordng to the most recent data, still fully two-thirds of Americans ain't down with the way Plastic Turkey Man is handling things in Iraq.

But hey. How many self identifying GOPers are still willing to stick with PTM here? Apparently twice as many as not. Oh well. This is a primary, and if the GOP candidates want to spend their time arguing their way deeper and deeper into a hole of a position, that the rest of the nation thinks is evidence of being too insane to lead the nation, so be it.

Carry on dudes.

See you in November.


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