Saturday, December 08, 2007

Politics will only get me Upset. I don't need Upset . . .

so I will instead talk about something less bothersome, like which is actually my favorite new TV show this year.

That would have to be "Life."

In short, the premise is that Charlie Crews, a cop who was convicted for a horrific murder, and served 12 years hard time is freed, thanks to his lawyer and the DNA tests that prove he was FRAMED! He gets a multi-million dollar settlement from the City of LA and not only his job back but promoted to Detective. Oh, and the quirk is that he delved deeply into Zen teaching, in order to survive his time in the joint.

Makes for a good point of departure, and the production is tight, the scripts are good, and the performances very good. And the actor for the lead role? Not exactly an unknown but it is the actor who played the legendary Maj. Dick Winters in "Band of Brothers." Damian Lewis.

Fans of "Deadwood" should recognize Robin Weigart there. Oh and ya, that is the ever so reliable Adam Arkin, who plays Charlie's sorta side kick, former cell mate Ted Early, who was in da joint for some insider trading, and currently manages Charlie's money. Speaking of the side kick angle, that character self-consciously asked Charlie if he was Alfred to Charlie's Batman. A lesser actor would have just munched it, on that line. but Arkin just nails it so perfectly; just the right amount of self conscious vulnerability for a man who literally owes his life to the other.

That is what seperates the really great actors from the merely good; being able to nail it, like that.

Anyway, I suggest you should check it out.

Oh, and just because Charlie is Zen does not mean he is a pacifist. He would rather contemplate the meaning of what it means to kick someone's ass. But he will kick yer ass, if you get on his bad side.


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