Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have been putting off the BIG BIG Diatribe about the Plethora of Douchebags and Douchyness, but

I will cut to the chase.

Much as my mission statement (above) details, I believe there should be standards.

A society with out standards can be driven or even led by the least talented scum that crawls up out of the muck.

And what I am increasingly afraid of (not in the cowering in the corner sense of afraid, but more in the "Such a Disaster is Inevitable," sense) is the fact that we have gone far too far down the road where douchebaggery is normalized.

I will still resist. I deleted the litany of celebrity douches I was working on here, but instead I will say this once again. A world where Infotainment is normalized and all-pervasive is a world where shit is celebrated. And in such a world, the douchebags are not reviled, but they are employed, and made famous and wealthy and powerful for (my take at least) the very thing that should disqualify them from the public sphere; their douchyness.

Say no to the standard less society. Say no to the downward redefinition of normal to include the emotionally-retarded and as well, talentless shitbags.

Join me in the resistance.

It might not be too late (but ya, it likely is. Personally, I am going down fighting. What say you?)


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