Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Will the Vogons Hurry Up and "Make" that Hyperspace Bypass Already?

And for those of you who don't get the joke/ reference, it is to Douglas Adam's "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy."

In order to "make" their hyperspace bypass, the Vogons need to obliterate Planet E.

Now why am I making jokes about that? (And since I say here now in the same digital text breath it is a joke, that means it really is a joke.) Seems like the world is just getting more and more bullshit. Wassa matter with people? Guess they haven't been reading my pearls of wisdom here, for the past three years, warning about the dangers of bullshit.

Anyway, let's recap.

First, we have the White House Pimp-Out the general in charge of Iraq Ops to be their shill. I mean, what is more bullshit than that? I mean, was the guy gonna go out there and say, "We Suck. I suck. I was given this job to do and I did a shitty job of it."

Just before the dog and pony show, Moveon.org borrows a play from the Karl Rove Book of Douchebaggy Partisan Politics, and goes for the cheap shot as it attacked the messenger (instead of the message.) As any twit could guess, the Cons/Repubs in Gvt. and their hack pundits and lackeys did what they always do: they went into 'attack the messenger,' mode, like the knee-jerk jerks they are and love to be (I mean, they do not own the politics of personal destruction, but I think they are more expert in it, disagree with me if you must.) Then the Cons/Repubs used our government for the Überdouchebaggy move: A Congressional Resolution attacking Moveon.org.

After that, came the Limbaugh slip up. Now if you actually buy the shitty argument he and his defenders were making, sorry, you are both swallowing and regurgitating the bullshit. Remember kids; I taught you a while back on the distinction between likely and possible and not impossible. The argument that Rush really only meant impostors who either never served, or never were in combat is ludicrous; if that is what he meant, that is what the douche could and should have said, not what he did, and that was the phrase 'phony soldiers.'

Anyway assuming (as I do) that he meant soldiers who do not agree with the war are phony soldiers, my reply to the accusation is, so what the fawk do you expect? Again, kids, I talked about how all this, "Support the troops," shit was bullshit, meaning most folk tend to support the troops . . . . . who support their points of view more. That is reality. Thinking otherwise is swallowing the bullshit (and I do not mean everyone is that much of a partisan douchebag; but expect it and look for it, as many are that awful, partisan douchebags.)

Oh, and here we are today. Harry Reid, Dem. Senate Majority Leader is now going bat shit on Limbaugh. That is both douchebaggy and bullshit.

The correct thing to do was not even bring up Rush's statement, and if asked about it, reply as follows:

"Mr. Limbaugh is increasing irrelevant and immaterial."

But noooo . . . . Reid chose to go into Rovian Bullshit Mode. Shame on him.

Oh, and just to round things out, here is the latest from Plastic Turkey Man:

"Bush attacks 'Hollywood values'" Whatta Douche

Oh, and what about the Defense Department official saying she hates all Iranians?

Such bullshit. Non stop bullshit. So much bullshit I am embarrassed to be an American.

Well maybe the level of bullshit being generated by American Politicians and pundits and assorted lackeys is not a reason for obliterating Planet E. But wait? Here in the USA we nearly but not literally drown each other in bullshit, instead of resorting to murder, usually, while in the rest of the world, seems, they just cut to the chase and just kill anyone who disagrees with them.

Calling all Vogons. What is your 20? Do you need coordinates? I got your coordinates right here. Third rock from the yellow sun. Hurry before the pestilence spreads (Just kidding! Sheesh!!)


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