Saturday, October 20, 2007

What I say there in in profile, about the Angels of my Better Nature? They are winning the fight, barely!

Ok. Now I have confessed to still being a rubbernecker on the Sean Hannity Message board, as I do get a dose of schadenfreude from watching the morons in their natural habitat. Better to only watch the Freak Show, than be part of it, all that? Anyway, this allegedly-a-vet member is whoring this "video" he made and has up on YouTube. And for at least the third time, I almost flamed his "work." But the Angels of My Better Nature won the contest for my soul, and I retreated. But here is what I would have said, today.

I would have pointed out that his so-called video was not a video at all. but was, only, a slide show set to music. (Now trust me kids; assuming soldier boy is not lying about being a vet and all that, if you want someone to blow shit up and kick doors down, he is the expert. However if you want anything to do with technical side of sho biz, I am the expert -- sheeit -- I was in the union for 10 years, and did professional work on stage and in TV studios.)

But that was only the factual part. Here was the snark:

"Beyond that, in the words of the fictional character, Wednesday Addams:

Your work is puerile and under-dramatized. You lack any sense of structure, character, or the Aristotelian unities. "

Honestly, that is one of my all time favorite movie quotes (however, not easily used in real life.) Since I do have my undergraduate degree in Theatre, and took a slew of Communication classes, this snarky, arty put-down just tickles my ex- sho bizzer's funny bone in a deeply satisfying way.

Granted, I usually am not that surgical myself, when faced with puerile (failed) art. I am usually, and rarely, as a general matter, succinct, and just dismiss schlock as being "derivative."

OK, but the point is, I did hold off on the cheap shot comment there on the YouTube page. Right?


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