Tuesday, October 09, 2007

They Lied About Iraq. Or They Were Slinging the Bullshit Fast and Hard. Both Really.

Ok. This will not be the last time I go off on Plastic Turkey Man's Abomination of a shitty war, but this is the main critique of their case, and ultimately, why even if they were honest about it, their bullshit plan was not likely to succeed.

Now let us recap the original sales pitch. Saddam has WMD, and can't be allowed to have WMD, so we need to get rid of him and destroy his WMDs. After that, we can have regime change in Iraq, and then miraculously, there will be this reverse domino theory effect, but instead of free country after free country falling into despotic states, the despotic states in the ME will fall into freeer more democratic societies.

In other words, lies wrapped in bullshit, wrapped in more lies.

Here is the truth that the Bush Admin knew. They knew the WMD threat was minimal if even that, and therefore the given reason for taking Saddam out and seeking regime change was a lie. (And need I mention that as soon as the WMD issue became a dead dog, they started cranking up the link to the War on Terror?)

The real reason had more to do with the oil there. No, it was not to steal the oil, but it was (as I posted a number of weeks ago) based on the idea that (a) the world oil market is a true global market, and (b) the oil market affects all other markets, and (c) instability in that region can cause major hell to the oil market and as a result, the rest of the world's economy.

Based on that, some folk thought that (never mind the fact that most people in that part of the world HATE HATE the idea of American Bases being there) there should be American Bases there to help "stabilize" the region, and thereby protect the oil market and therefore, the global economy.

Now even if I think (and have thought for at least six, and even many more years than that), that only ignorant, as in, don't know enough to dare speak about the subject of Geopolitics, generally, or regional ME Geopolitics, specifically, people could think that the idea of permanent American Bases in the ME would, could serve as a stabilizing force, I will give those that do this much credit (which really is not really any at all.)

On paper, and with a very shallow understanding of what was at stake and what the real probabilities were, a mostly uninformed mind could believe that they have reason to believe there is a chance that a large American Military Presence in the ME could help stabilize the ME, and thereby protect both the Oil Market and the Global Economy.

But here is an example of the difference between knowing your subject matter well enough, and not. Anyone who understands the diverse factors in play, and is able to construct a rational and factually based understanding of the dynamics of the situation, MUST reach the following conclusion:

Permanent (or call it indefinite) Presence of American Military in the Middle East?

Yea, that is going to go over as well as putting someone with leprosy and whooping cough, in a room full of hypochondriacs. In other words, they might not like us to start, but the closer we are to them, the more they hate us.

Hey . . . I got through that faster than I thought. Good for me.


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