Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"There's nothing to be done with you," she said, in her most patrician voice. "You actually do think in cheap talking points."

(Apologies to the author of that quote. I read/heard it some where some time over the past couple years, wrote it down {likely posted it here once before} and failed to write down the source. Sorry. Anyway . . . )

Other than the fact that the quote is brilliant, I am using that because I wanted to avoid making one more snarky and or insulting, like announcing Neil Cavuto as front runner for douche of the week, despite aggressive competition, or something like saying:

I guess these Right Winger Pundits, Lackeys, and Minions (if not some of the rank and file) really can't/won't/don't have the necessary minimum number of functioning synapses in their brains to Grasp the Freaking Obvious.

Case in point? Cavuto's dumbassed weak slam against the dreaded awful libs/dems for . . . now hold on to your hats . . . this is going to shock shock you like a gentle breeze on a Spring Afternoon.

Ok, here goes. Those evil liberal bastards wheeled out, right in front of the White House, right in front of TV cameras, actual live children, to make a point about Plastic Turkey Man's threat to veto a bill . . . . that provides for more health care for actual live children.

Kids as props . . . for kid health care? Shocking!

What will those evil dems/libs do next? Use testimony of actual wounded vets as a sick and twisted attempt to get more money for the VA System? Use actual retirees in a dastardly attempt to tighten up laws protecting retirement benefits? Use actual scientists in a Frankensteinish monsterish push for more Research and Development funding?

Ok. Enough with the sarcasm. I will just say it plainly. Cavuto, you are not only sickening, but brain less, to boot.


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