Friday, October 05, 2007

I know I am NOT Going to Get This Out Right . .

but the quote was so . . . maybe not deep, but hmmm . . . whimsically-potentially brilliant, I have to try. First, the set-up.

Now there is a new TV show on NBC called "Life." It is a drama featuring a LA Detective who was wrongfully convicted of murder and did 12 years before he was cleared, got his freedom, several millions in a settlement, and his job back. Turns out I watched Ep. 2 before the first one, which I only started watching on line, tonight. Anyway there are a couple points more I need to give up. One (and this is the more obvious one), he is very smart and very perceptive, as in, deep thinker. Oh, and two, he read up on Zen while in the joint ( to keep from going crazy, seems.)

Anyway, during the course of the investigation during Ep. 1, he and his new partner have to interview someone in prison. Now the guards know the cop's status and story and still try to jerk his chain, get him all angry. He replies back with some of his Zen, particularly when he responds to the more obnoxious prison guard's macho challenge:

"Are you making fun of me?"

The Zen Adept cop replies:

"The Universe makes fun of us all."

After they leave the prison, his partner ask him,"Why would the Universe make fun of us?"

"Maybe it is insecure," is his reply.

If that does not tickle your inner Zen funny bone, I guess you don't have an inner Zen funny bone. So sad, that.

Oh, one other great quote from the Ep. While at the crime scene, where the dead boy and his live dog are found, Zen Detective finds out that the through-and-through fatal bullet is inside the living dog, and as well, that the dog got a finger off the killer. Zen Detective says to his partner:

"The dog took a bullet for the boy and bit a finger off the assailant. Anyone ever love you that much?"



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