Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Hope There is a Prosecutor in Iraq With Balls Enough to Indict "Prince," and Serve the Warrant on Secy. State Rice.

"A defiant Blackwater Chairman Erik Prince said
yesterday he will not allow Iraqi authorities to
arrest his contractors and try them in Iraq's faulty
justice system. "We will not let our people be taken
by the Iraqis," Mr. Prince told editors and reporters
at The Washington Times."

Blackwater CEO to Iraq Govrnment,"Eff You Guys!"

Hmmm, now I know that the douchey-er of the Republicans projectile vomit their bullshit bile about how Dems want Iraq to fail but hey, quote me on this:

"I freaking hope Iraq has enough of a functioning government to serve arrest warrants not only for the mercenaries under question, but the CEO and anyone else at Blackwater that law designates as indictable to Secy. Rice, and further says, if the US Government does not honor the warrants, that they must Get The Fawk Out of Iraq.

Now would not that be the ultimate irony? I would love it if the People and Government of Iraq could use this excuse less act of murder, followed by this most contemptible of neo-colonialist arrogant disrespect towards the government of Iraq by the CEO of an American corporation which has been not only basically but beyond a doubt generating profit on account of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, to get their shit together enough to realize the following:

as long as they do not get their shit together enough they will have to swallow the shit of shitbags like Prince.

I hope they choose to take control of their own collective destiny and as well, their collective sense of pride, and say, Fawk you Prince. You kill our innocent civilians on our streets and you gotta face the law in our courts. Otherwise, get the fawk outta our country. All ya'll, even your American Government friends.


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