Friday, October 12, 2007

A Genocide By Any Other Name . . . .

(Apologies to The Bard of Stratford, but that is as witty as I am likely to get tonight; jacking his good stuff.)

Let me say this plainly. If you were to say that the Dems in Congress pushed this resolution calling the death by Turkey of one and a half million Armenians, nearly a century ago, "genocide," was some ploy to embarass Plastic Turkey Man (no pun intended; I have been calling him that for weeks now), I would not protest.

However, consider my following reply:

If embarassing someone for being 'soft on genocide' is not a fair play, 24/7/365 then what is?

That is my take on this issue. For some comic relief, check out Jon Stewart's:

Jon Stewart - Armenian Genocide


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