Sunday, October 14, 2007

Douche of the Week

As always, there are many to choose from, who by effort or malfeasance, deserve the dishonor. This week, I am not giving the dishonor to a single person, but to a kind of people.

Faux Outragers. I could leave it at that, but I want to get a little more specific.

There is one incident (not unexpectedly the latest idiocy to come out of the Republicans) involving the staged and feigned outrage over the lack of reporting of the award of a CMA to a deceased Navy Seal? Now this is a great example of what I am talking about.

How much of a brain-dead, mindless minion of some stupid-assed political kiddie club must one be to get all cranked up because some story you hear about from one or some media outlets is not being reported by another one or a specific one? I will jump to the chase here and just say that the lack of the story being reported by the specific media outlet is not the point; the point is taking a whack at that media outlet in question, no matter how slim the cause. I mean, it is one thing to say something like XYZ Cable News Network covers the ongoing war in Iraq far less than the other two cable networks (and just for the sake of not going partisan I am not going to say which cable news network consistently under reports about the ongoing war in Iraq). But to get all foamy in the mouth (after taking a good swig of mouthwash to generate the faux foam) because one human interest story, or one essentially local crime story, or one basically ordinary law suit story is not being reported by a particular media outlet?

Ok; if you follow this blog you should know what is coming next. I will call that being totally bullshit. And for the record, I think it is equally dumb-assed when people on my side of the fence do it.

I have given only one example of what I am talking about, here. But I just recently saw a clip of the Bill Maher show, where Mr. Maher says something to the effect about Sean Hannity, who apparently went all faux foam at the mouth over the idiotic Flag Lapel Pin thing with Obama:

"Sean Hannity, who reported on "no pin" gate and then had to call a doctor because his fake outrage hard-on lasted longer than 72 hours. "

So if you wanted to make this douche of the week award about a specific person, we name Hannity. But it really is sorta redundant to name him Douche of the Week, as he already has been inducted into the Lifetime Achievement in Douchyness Club.

Speaking of his Lifetime Achievement, WTF kinda insane and imaginary point was Hannity trying to make in asking the man whether Al Gore sounded like a man of peace, in the vids he showed in this show clip?

And what about that Republican Congressman? Vito Fossella? WTF, him, suggesting that the Peace Prize should have instead gone to the dead Navy Seal I mentioned above, or the US Marines or Air force? I mean really, how moronically partisan can some one be? (Dunnh . . . me think Nobel Prize Committee should do what I say . . . cuz I like it when things are done my way.)

Seriously, and yes before adding this addendum I researched the criterion for the Peace Prize. In Alfred Nobel's will, he specifically mentions reduction of standing armies and peace conferences as some of the possible grounds for the Peace Prize, but apparently it is not really specifically restricted to those two things. Over the years it has been awarded for a wide range of Humanitarian Activity.

So that whole save the planet by reducing harmful global warming, thing, definitely is within the real of Humanitarianism. Not to belittle the USAF, the Corps, or any specific US Service Personnel, but honestly their main jobs are not necessarily anywhere close to Humanitarian Activity, leave alone, reducing standing armies, unless you warp the meaning to include killing the other army?

Again, I am not judging our military here, but the main mission of the US Armed Forces is not only the exact opposite of what the Peace Prize is supposed to be, but it is actually what the Peace Prize is against, philosophically.

Some Republicans have no shame. More to the point, they are so full of shit that they are, well? They are totally bullshit!

So in addition to the actual winners of Douche of the Week, Vito Fossella gets honorable mention as an up and coming Douchebag. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one, kids. I am expecting more high grade douchebaggery and high purity bullshit from this boy.


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