Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beating up and gang raping a 12 year old was not enough. Now the Republican Douchebags are doing it to a toddler.

How fawkin' evilly and mindlessly sinisterly evilly partisan need one be to participate in a figurative gang rape of a toddler . . . when keeping your damn gutter-nasty-vulgar opinions to your gutter-nasty-vulgar self is the least costly alternative?

Yes I am talking about the disgusting treatment against Baby Bethany. Again, how gutter-nasty-vulgar need one be to not know one should oppose the SCHIP law without attacking children and toddlers who have received medical care under that program?

Never the FAWK mind that. How stupid does one need to be to MISS the fact that they are basically being set up? And I say plainly YA FAIR PLAY here. If Republican partisans can not talk the issues but instead must attack the messenger, no matter how small and needy and weak, so do you think I am feeling sorry that they are being set up? Truth is winning the day here, in American Politics. That is a rarity. The Dems are saying :

Go ahead Repubs. Prove to Us All that you all really are that petty, cruel, vapid and valueless.

And (too damn many of) the damn Republicans Whoop-Up that prospect, with all the bully-bravery of Arm Chair, keyboard, internet message board, Chick Hawk Warriors show for watching so-called "War Porn," and figuratively charge the (metaphorically-speaking) glistening pikestaffs of the Dems well-planned redoubts.


Let me say that again.


Ya know what would be great? If we Dems could get Lord Jesus to endorse one of our initiatives. I swear that a great number of Republicans, even if they were 100% certain it was The Lord Jesus, and The Lord Jesus was in fact backing the Democrats? I am sure a bunch would not only have to think long about opposing The Lord Jesus, if he was endorsing the Dem position, but shit, I am sure some, them who did not arrive at the correct Christian answer to the question who to follow, would convert to Islam. Honestly, many of them so-called Christians really are nothing but posers anyway. Last thing any of them in particular want to face is The Lord Jesus judging them on the basis of actual New Testament values.

Phonies and fakes. I personally don't believe in the Lake of Fire. That is way too a Republican Idea to be real. However I would submit to The Lord's Judgment if that should come to pass, not because I have lead that good a life, but even considering my failings, I am betting on being deemed more good than bad; go to Purgatory and purify your imperfect soul.

Hey, I might be a rotten excuse for a Catholic, but I honestly do have some respect for the particulars of our dogma. Not all of it, but I get the general drift and feel of it.

Which is to say I am NOT a Bible-Thumping Hypocrite, but I am a imperfect soul who tries (well not hard enough maybe, but I do try. Really, I do!)

But enough about me, the real point is that I am sure that if The Lord Jesus did as I said, came down here and supported expansion of SCHIP, that some of them Republican Douchebags would treat Him as ugly as they have the 12 year old and the toddler.

Hypocrites and evil shitbags, they are who have treated the children that way. I mean really?

Does Jesus have to show up on your doorstep and tell ya'll to behave before ya'll take Him seriously?


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