Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well if I Hate That Shit When Karl Rove Does it???

Yes, I am sure you have been waiting for my 'splanation for taking a couple whacks at

Simple answer; if I hate that shit when Karl Rove does it, I must hate it if decides to crawl around in the gutter too. (Leave that sleazy shit to the GOP. We should strive to be better than them, damnit!)

And for a second reason?

It has served as a softball for the Right Wing Noise Machine; they were given the perfect little slow moving target to bash, perhaps not a homer but at least a double, and they have been sorta effective at shifting attention away from the bullshit report to the bullshit about the 'reporter.'

Gen. Petraeus is not the story. The bullshit report about the bullshit situation in Iraq is the damn story! Damnit!

Smart political operatives DO NOT give their opponents that sort of gift. So gets my Political Dumbass of the Week award.


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