Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Delete, and Recycle the post space. RIP Troopers.

I was thinking about deleting what I had in this spot even before I got this news, and after I got it I decided this was more a more fitting use of the bandwidth than my rant, to honor these soldiers.

Two War Critic Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Omar Mora and Vance Gray, Who Died Monday, Were Two of the Seven Soldiers Who Penned a Controversial Op-ed About the War's Progress

Hell, I was just in a discussion with someone today about how we tend to listen to the soldiers we agree with more than those we do not. I definitely did that. I am not immune from that pull. I think we all fall prey to the old confirmation bias.

However the reason I am sadder than usual for death of American Servicemen in this instance, is because of that extra level of contact. I read their words, I learned their names while they were living humans and now they are dead.

This shit sucks, and this shit needs to end, I think.



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