Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Special "HUMP DAY" Triple Post. I like West African Warrior Tribes, since I am a Descendant of Them.

Oh and I like Euro-Barbarians too, as I am a descendant of Euro-Barbarians.

Specifically, I am a descendant (on account of my Portuguese blood) of Visigoth, Swebi, and Keltoi. At least. Now I likely got the Roman blood too, and well they though themselves the paragon of Civilization, but they even have to admit (should at least) that before they were Romans, they were simple warrior tribes.

Oh and allegedly I even have some Asian blood. Woo Hoo for dat!

What is my point here (I mean haven't I posted enough today?) Here is my point. As far as the ethnic thing is concerned, I have no bias no prejudice really as to do so is to insult myself, indirectly and my ancestors, specifically. So who do I heap scorn and contempt on, when I heap scorn and contempt on anyone say them that actually directly and clearly and personally abuse me?

Well Ya I confess, I am likely to heap contempt on the obviously and contemptuous people out there. Them that seem to GET OFF on being abusive for the malicious joy of it, and them they if not only that, also get paid to do it.

"What do you do for a living, stranger?"

"Well I am a radio talk show host/pundit. You could say I am a professional douchebag, but I prefer partisan asshole."

"Um later, ya ho bag. Not that I expect it to happen, now, but if the world was to end right now or if the second coming of Jesus were imminent, I would much prefer to be standing next to a crack ho than a talk radio host or general pundit. I mean I don't wanna be near where either the lightning bolts are gonna strike or alternatively where the crack in the time space continuum will open up to suck your evil bullshit ass down to the lake of fire."

Ya I confess. I think bullshit people are the worst (well next to felons that is). And the mark of what makes a person a bullshit person is (a) what they think, (b) what they say, (c) what they do, and (d) whether they tolerate the company of them that fail the test for items (a) - (c).



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