Friday, September 07, 2007

Plastic Turkey Man Strikes Again!

I repeat what I said a few months ago. It was the quote from that tv sit-com, "How I Met Your Mother." It was the quote about how:

"For anyone else, that would be a new low, but for you it's just a new medium."

And our Boy Blunder POTUS, Plastic Turkey Man, has done it again. How he keeps on setting new records in the combined categories of Presidential Idiocy & Mediocrity I will never know; he has a gift for it.

Anyway, it is not a earth shattering remark, however his remark during his trip to Australia about "Kicking Ass," in Iraq? Is it just me (opps, and I know it isn't just me -- I am just using an expression there) or does this man seem way too ignorant to be the leader in charge of more nuke weapons than any other in the world?

I don't really mean to insult anyone (well not personally) but I have heard it said that some people like the way he (gibbers on like a half-witted goat bugger) speaks so plain and folksy.

Since the FAWK, WHEN was anything like that part of the job description for POTUS? (Forgive me, since Reagan was POTUS. Shit, I keep forgetting, sorry!) Seriously, though? Never mind the fact that the actual facts of the situation on the ground in Iraq, while not a total tactical failure, are still objectively a strategic failure. Now is this . . . making such statements . . . just trash/macho talk, or does Plastic Turkey Man really totally NOT GET IT? Does he not understand that war is not about who you shoot and where the shooting takes place, but is all about achieving political goals (reached with violent tactics, if necessary)?

Hurts my head, sometimes, just thinking about the pointless and costly violence Plastic Turkey Man has done to the Nation, it's people, the geographic zone currently called Iraq, it's peoples (must use the plural, to be accurate), and the rest of the world, just so Plastic Turkey Man can say macho things to people.

I know he did not invade Iraq merely to be able to say them tough guy things. But point I am making (to be blunt) is that he might be enjoying himself, getting his kicks from talking like some shit-kicker. However, who else is getting something out of this disaster? That very well might be his gained-benefit from this monstrous mistake and continuing debacle, but who else is gaining from it? Ok. I am forgetting the corporate piggies who have been feasting on the taxpayers' dimes (countless billions of them). Ya, they are getting a benefit. But beyond that? Who benefits and what are they getting from it?

How many genuine American amputees has Plastic Turkey Man's abomination caused?

More than 500, as of January.

But Plastic Turkey Man gets to brag about how we are kicking ass?

I am not even going to risk being misunderstood. I just used the word a few sentences ago, and I will again:



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