Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meglomania, a Delusional and Isolated Leader, a Pathological Sense of Entitlement . . .

manufacturing false intelligence, manipulation of evidence, willful avoidance of facts that contradict the "beliefs" of the leader and his staff, sending too few troops into the battle, sending them in with out the necessary equipment, a level of delusional incompetence that leads to dead Americans.

Stated generally, a instance where the bastards were unable to see 5 minutes past their prejudices.

You might think I was bashing Plastic Turkey Man and his band of misfits, but no. I am talking about Douggie McArthur in late 1950, right before (oh and immediately after) the Chi-Coms crossed the Yalu River and caused much hell before the UN forces were able to even properly get back in the fight.

Reason I have American Caesar in mind is this rather interesting article in this month's Vanity Fair. I would link it, but the article I read in the hard copy of the October issue, does not seem to be on the website. Anyway, point is the article is good evidence for heaping scorn, contempt, and ridicule on any "General Cult," or even let us be clear here, any "Military Cult," for that matter.

Be they Generals with chests full of ribbons and medals, or some poor grunt, eating the dust and trying to help keep his and his buddies' asses from getting popped on any given day, remember they are human. They are not gods, or demigods or even unnaturally talented fearless warriors. They are not beings of heroic proportion, like some comic book hero. Far from it. The actual reason we ever have cause to name them "hero"when they go "Above and Beyond, " is because they are NOT super-gifted, exceptionally-empowered, magical creatures. We call them heroes because they are humans, who under times of extreme stress and times of dire necessity for more than the ordinary effort, they came through.

Respect them, yes, but do not worship them.

Particularly, keep it in perspective, when you have a narcissistic and megalomanical type like with McArthur, as anything that encourages those dysfunctions are bad. Several hundred members of the 1st Cav. paid the price, either with fatal wounds or capture, during the five day battle, due to Douggie's arrogance. He did not think the Chi-Coms would invade, so evidence to the contrary was ignored, until it was too late to stave off the disaster.

Oh, and this was not that egomaniac's only bad call. Back during the battle for the Philippines? The first one? McArthur basically had his head up his ass for the first few hours following the invasion by the Japanese. Not that McArthur could have repulsed that attack, but his ill-timed indecision made it that much easier for the invaders to seize the initiative and well we all know how that ended don't we (Bataan Death March?)

Anyway, I am not saying that McArthur was a total douche, here, just as much as I am not making any direct comparison to any current or other generals. Just making the point. Keep it in perspective will ya? No more idolatry. Ya'll supposed to be judeo-christians right? What are that first two commandments anyway?

Something about only one object of worship, and not setting up idols? Does any of that ring a bell?

(Ok I admit the GOP/Con bullshit about worshiping Gen. Paetreus is likely loosing its steam, but I do not expect all of this worship the troops bullshit to die off, any time soon. So that is why I am still on it. Like I said, respect, yes, worship no. You worship the warriors and you end up with a society that resembles either Sparta, Imperial Rome, or even The Third Reich. Let us NOT go down any of those roads, hmm kay?)


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