Saturday, September 22, 2007

Maybe I Should Not Have Called Him a Douchebag (Only).

Not that I do not think that Sean Hannity is either a genuine douchebag or just plays one on TV and the Radio. I mean he does come across as emotionally not-exactly-stable, too often, and he seems to have that excessive level of narcissism that could be either borderline psychosis or generalized sociopathy, and even if he has that reputation for being the boy next door, let's get real. His is a Jeckyl/Hyde, bi polar sort of personality; he really is not charming, but he will ass-kiss when it suits him, and he will go into rabid attack-toy-dog mode, when it suits him, such as when someone dares disagree with him. At best his charm is superficial and the result of obviously-weak acting skills.

Anyway, the reason I am back on his case is I just saw a vid of some recent segment from the "Hannity and Colmes Show." And I endured Hannity yet again and pompously arguing that we can not criticize a four star general (um but it is ok to give one a virtual blow job, eh Sean?)

But because of all this patently fake military worship (and if there is anything that should be seriously RESTRAINED in a true republic is worship of the military. That is what killed the Roman Republic and lead to the Imperium, but I digress there . . .) I am hoping that people on my side of the fence start calling 'them' as they seem to be, and I mean the GOP/Cons being so sanctimonious that it makes me want to projectile vomit (well makes me think that it is that sickening) I think Hannity, the not even mediocre actor, is the poster boy for GOP/Conservative Sanctimony.

One entry found for sanctimonious.

Main Entry: sanc·ti·mo·nious Pronunciation: "sa[ng](k)-t&-'mO-nE-&s, -ny&s

Function: adjective1 : hypocritically pious or devout 2
obsolete : possessing sanctity: HOLY -
sanc·ti·mo·nious·ly adverb - sanc·ti·mo·nious·ness noun


Ya, this is some pretty sick (in the mentally unhealthy sick sense) shit they are spewing. But there is at least some entertainment value here. These sanctimonious pettifoggers actually think they are not coming across as total fakes and phonies.

Well you know, this is what happens when you spend too much time either sniffing your own farts, or those who's farts smell most like your own. Some actually come to believe theirs (and their buddies') do not stink.

Ha Ha. They do!

Ok. I confess. I was looking for just the right image to portray the sort of sanctimony I see on the Right with the stop picking on the general shit, and found this. It reminds me that even if sanctimonious fools obviously look like fools, they do often spout some very dangerous ideas.

Which is why I am going to pimp Naomi Wolf's new book here, while I am at it.

"The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot."


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