Friday, September 28, 2007

Living in the past . . . but sheeeit I had a funky assed past!


I am doing the EWF videos tonight, having a nice 1970's flashback, after doing my drill on my new musical instrument, my Telecaster six-String. But back in the high school days I was a jazz/rock/funk/punk/and Disco drummmer. And of course, the EWF charts get me in that disco R&B Highwater Mark days frame of mind. And then my mind can wander some too, even when grooving to the tight funky grooves that EWF are famous for.

My point (rushing ahead here) is that I admit I was spoiled with gifts; I had the gift of musical ability from my earliest days. Among my favorite memories of my life (SINCE I did not go for a career in music, got my B.A. in Theatre instead of Music, dumbass) are those High School Spring Concerts. I can say that I have in the past got over a hundered people out of their chairs, and shaking their asses (but to be honest the school band was over 100 strong but the "Stage Band" was small and I did my best sheikyurbooty playing during the "Stage Band" segment of the concert. Oh, and the rest of the orchestra would run up to the balcony to watch the Stage Band portion. I am sorta both pumping up and minimizing the thing but still. Follow me here. )

Now if I sucked, it would not matter what I was doing, right? But among my favorite memories was doing the back up for the soloists girls who would sing the disco hits of that year . . . hey ya remember Donna Summer's "Last Dance?" Ok so when Angela did the intro (and girlfriend could sang) she got props for her chops but when the ballady intro stopped and it was my time to drop the disco bottom, and get the party going, and I could hear the roar from the balcony and see the rest of the orchestra getonup and get it shakin' and grovin', ya? YA. That was good times. That was as good as good times as my life has ever got.

Hmmm, and ya know over the past few years I keep on asking myself why I DID NOT choose to study music and go pro? Damn it, I can't really remember why I chose otherwise.


But I still can make it to the back-up career; to be an old bluesman. I am basically old now, and I can play the blues on drumset, with bass guitar and now almost decently with a six sting. Sheeit . . . . today I was just now working on doing the blues chord progression, but taking the fifth out to the seventh, for that authentic delta feel. Way cool. There is hope for me yet!

Oh. Here is your Disco Flashback. Enjoy:


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