Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Latino-Centric Prime Time Soap Opera?


Just what we need right now; a tv show with a Reggaetón Soundtrack and lots of bonitas latinas.

Hmmm. Maybe I ought to start wishing for the latino take over of Los Estados Unidos. Not that my wishing will speed it up. It is inevitable, es verdad! I am not worried about the changes in American society. I already know how to fake a decent Salsa step, and well my Espanol is weak but I am just below conversational; a little effort and I will be muy bueno. No estoy mentiroso.

And given my disdain for the current American Ruling Class, one that is so hypocritical that it panders to low-class trashy values(despite said Ruling Class' disdain for shopping at Wal*Mart and watching NASCAR races) in order to retain its strangle hold on American Lady Liberty. Are you at all surprised I rather see mi latino primos take over? I mean who do you think throws better parties? A bunch of Caribbean Latinos, or the home grown vulgarians who think that going to either Shoneys or Dennys, or even more to the point, the all ya can eat buffet out on Route 45, is living large?

Get real.

Personally, if given the choice between Spicy Shakira, and trashy bland Britney Spears, well I will go for the one who's hips do not lie.

¡Me Gusta!


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