Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just Trust Me. I Won't (*splatt*) on Your Face ( Again . . .)

Before I pick up on the "Most Common Lies" theme, I should say that yes, I have escalated the usual "war mongers" to the more stinging "death mongers," as of late. The reason for that escalation ( I hate that word surge, it is such total bullshit, when I escalate I do it honestly, damn it) is related to the following fact:


I don't mean to insult people (but there is a big but coming) BUT I do want to embarrass them into no longer supporting the death and wounding of Americans, over in Iraq for what seems to be no damn good reason at all. So I am comparing the mistake of giving any credibility to the Pro-Bush , death monger spin, to the most common and obvious lies out there.

"The Check is in the Mail."

"I'll pull it out before it is too late. Promise!"

"I won't (*splatt*) on your face. Not this time. Promise."

Point is, these bastards, these sociopaths, these lying, bullshitting autocratic, authoritarian douchebags have a proven record of being that way. They served Plastic Turkey to Hungry Troops, for crying out loud! They screwed up just about every aspect of their own dumb-assed plan to date, but you are gonna trust them when they say,"Oh yes the surge is working?"

Um. After a while, and I mean we are way past that point, here, those who still listen to these proven bullshit liars should look in the mirror. And if the effects of the delusional-state are thin, weak enough, or the person doing the looking is strong willed-enough, they should see a reflection sort of like this (and I don't mean a Filipina with a mediocre eye-job):

So you, you members of that less-than one-third of Americans who still believe in Bush's Debacle in Iraq? PLEASE! For the love of if not God, than for your nation's future, for your fellow country men (and women):

Take Off The Damned Tin-Foil Hats!

Take off the blinders!

Step into the light!

Light a candle and fight the dark!

Snap Out of It!


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