Sunday, September 23, 2007

I usually (If I am Talking about Any Person) am Heaping Scorn. Let Me Instead Praise Ken Burns.

Tonight was the first installment of his docu-series about WWII.

Now you have likely heard me gripe about the bullshit sellers and language abusing pundits and political hacks, but Mr. Burns respects language and uses it intelligently.

(As alluded to, in his interview on Chris Wallace's show) he has shifted the usual title attached to WWII from the "Good War," to the "Necessary War." Granted, he was not trying to make some connection to the war de jour -- most of the interviews for this docu-serise were complete before 9/11, but still even if not, it does put the thing in sharp contrast.

As Mr. Burns says . . . there is no such thing as a "Good" war as they all are ugly and about death and destruction and fear and all that horribe stuff.

The real matter and the real question is whether a war is necessary.

I will end there. I will shift my attention to the program.


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