Saturday, September 15, 2007

Disrespectful! Chaka Khan, Re, and Current Politics, and Why You Should Not Treat Me So Disrespectfully, Damnit!!

Link is to a Fan Vid of Chaka Khan's A Capella version of her recent song, "Disrespectful," featuring The Magnificent Queen of Soul, Aretha (on your knees peasants, you are definitely NOT WORTHY!)

Point is, that I feel that I am not getting any respect from you my readers. All THREE of you!

Ok. Seriously here is the latest polling. And I am going to give you the results of the FOX (not) News people. Well, here is the link (The formatting was all messed up when I tried the copy paste):

So I will now recap:

ONLY 17% of respondents to a FOX poll thinks that (and I quote) "the recent increase in U.S. troops has led to major improvements in the situation in Iraq."

And, only 35% of respondents to a FOX poll thinks that (and I quote) "General Petraeus's report (was) truthful and objective."

And, 22% of respondents to a FOX poll thinks that "Based on General Petraeus's new report . . . . think the United States should pull out all troops immediately," and as many as 42% think the US "should pull out gradually," and only 24% think the US should "pull out after Iraqi troops are capable of taking over," or in other words, are in favor of some indefinite but longer than shorter duration of the Mission to Iraq.

NOTE to you war supporters. The mere fact you are in the small minority of opinion does not naturally mean you are 100% wrong. It just means that that is highly likely here.

Oh and why did I bring Chaka and Re into this? Well hell, I love the song (original version is Goddess Chaka with Mary J. Blige, Praise her R&B Chops), and because of, specifically the title, and the lyrics:

(First Verse)

Hey, you don't wanna treat me
You don't wanna Play around', Cause
You Could be history

Don't mess around with me
I'm too good to you
What the hell,You take me for
I'm nobodies fool

(Jump to chorus)

I remember when you used to love me
(Through the good And bad - What a good thing)

I remember When you Use to love me
(Why you so brand new? What happen to you?)
I remember when you used to love love me.

Ok this is the song that is in my head more than any other lately. Love it!


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