Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn, I was on a roll there . . .

but even the new auto save draft feature was not clever enough to save my screed.

(I am using my backup keyboard and for some reason I can accidentally delete things faster with this than my "real" keyboard. Anyway . . .)

Aw hell, I will say it plainly that I was off on one of my favorite topics -- my hatred of bullshit and how it is ruining the Nation, and I was tying it into the Iraq Report. But if you have been following this blog, you have heard it all before. No loss there, really.

The only really likely new bit was when I went on the tanget of how ego keeps people from abandoning the bullshit they get attached to, often. People can be so immature, and let themselves look twice, even three times as silly, by clinging to a steaming stinking pile of it, much more silly than they would look by merely abandoning the bullshit belief, or at least do a "Woops, my bad. Ya got me there bud."

So before I go too far with that, like providing examples, let me make my attempt at making a tiny joke here, and say:

Now Presenting The Human Ego!

Making Basically Smart people look Basically Stupid, and Basically Stupid People look No Smarter Than A Bucket o' Snot, for over 10,000 years!

(I had in mind that old commercial about the Incredible Edible Egg? Anyway . . .)

I am sorta proud of myself, I must say, for not making/taking a pointed shot at people of a political persuasion or opinions there. I am actually in a fairly neutra mood, for the time being. That could be because I am currently none too pleased with them on my side of the fence today. I could go long there, but suffice it to say, that I am clearly dissapointed that none of the dems at that hearing yesterday attacked the totally bullshit premise that a "SURGE" is an actual military tactic, leave alone strategy. If the argument had been made, and supported (as it could have easily been done by a moderately bright 6th grader) that the entire idea of a surge was basically bullshit, that could have been the best outcome (from my POV and oh the 2/3rds of Americans who think the war itself is totally bullshit.) But hey. It is not like people are dying there and getting blown up, loosing body parts, shit like that?

Ya . . . the (bullshit, never before in the recorded history of warfare since the time before Moses, tactic called) " Surge," is believed by some people, to be working.

Ok everyone, time to form a Conga Line and celebrate the success of the Surge.

(Aww, hell, you know I had to take the shot. I mean, that is one of the main reasons for my blog; to call out the bullshit when I see it. This "Blind leading the blind," pic is pretty good for that purpose. Too bad it does not show the Conga Line heading off a cliff. That would have made the argument/joke that much more biting, I think!)


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