Monday, September 24, 2007

The Cult Of White Victim hood, and More on Sanctimonious Douchebags. Expect Overlap.

I actually googled that sentiment/phrase today; "The Cult Of White Victim hood," as I was basically floundering around for a new way (or at least new seeming) to point out the dangerousness of the douches like Hannity, pissing and moaning about how "Black on White" racism is the most prevalent and dangerous kind. Well how can a rational mind come to that conclusion? (Not that I believe Hannity is operating on that level. He makes a living and a damn $$ good one being a pandering whore, so well . . . rationality has nothing to do with him, on his shows.)

Well, on the one hand you have that oft-used pet peeve of mine, and that is the disgusting way the GOP/Con Politicians, hacks, cracks and pundits will just butcher the language and change the definition of words to suit their arguments. And in this context, they are warping and mutilating the meaning of the word RACISM way off of its core, dictionary meaning (leave alone, from the crucial sociopolitical context of the powerful abusing the weak.) And beyond that, you have the fugly, ignorant child-product of the union between the Rhetorical Rapists of the Right, and the not dead enough but rancid body, Jim Crow. That is what spawns "The Cult Of White Victim hood."

Not let me be clear, do not misunderstand me. I am not not saying that no blacks think racially bigoted thoughts, or perform racially bigoted acts. But excuse me? What about the math?

Or let me say it in a deliberately raw manner (as sometimes the raw data says it best):

Do you really think I am going to believe the assertion that the 237,854,954 white folk have any cause for being scared, as a general matter, of being victims of racism at the hands of the 37,909,341 black folk?
(figs from the 2005 census. U.S. Pop., by Race)

I could say more on that topic, but for now I want you to divide 239,000,000 by 38,000,000, find the figure for what percent of the greater is the smaller, and then think about how reasonable it is to think that a minority group who's total numbers represent 16% of the total of the majority are the ones making victims out of the majority?

Well, I would have to just guess (as I admit, I do not have the data) but I would guess that a lot of the same people who think there is a War on Christians in America, despite the fact that 75% of all Americans consider themselves some flavor of Christian, likely think that the crushingly huge white population of America need be afraid of being the victims of racism, at the hands of the blacks, who numbers are only 16% of the total of whites (in America.)

Um. Maybe it is not just the language the GOP/Cons leaders and minions are trying to kill. Maybe math is on their hit list too. And, shit. Need I even mention that they really wanna kill some ( I resist saying all ) science?

Ok. Looking for the door, here.

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And to think; all by myself, I linked up Naomi Wolf's excellent book on the (frighteningly resembling more real) fascist threat to America, with my deep disdain for the "Don't criticize the General," sanctimonious douchebags. (And I need to say, all who voted for that piece of shit resolution get to share Douche of the Week dishonor, IMO.)

Anyway, here is a nice chunk of her essay re that abomination, as published on HufPo today.

Yeah, I didn't like the wording of the ad either. But the attack on by the Senate last week is not an aberration but is part of a dangerous -- and accelerating -- trend of echoes from the past.

Students of history know that the National Socialists in Germany, before they came to power, made multiple assaults on democracy by pushing for laws and that expanded penalties for opponents' speaking out against certain subjects. What they -- and then Stalin, who studied Hitler -- perfected was the identification of a `third rail' of untouchable subjects that one could never approach critically without facing escalating penalties -- job loss, personal attacks, or, just a little later, criminal charges. These subjects were the war, the party itself, and the military. Making these subjects sacred and untouchable allowed National Socialists to commit any number of crimes by explaining that the abusive actions were taken in the name of the off-limits-to-criticism ideals.

Then once they came to power, they developed an ever-expanding network of laws criminalizing ever expanding minor actions critical of the state or of the military or the paramilitary forces; they developed broad definitions of `treason' and of what it meant to `impugn the honor of the nation' -- so that soon it became a crime against the state, defined as an assault on patriotism and a form of treason, to listen to the BBC or to speak up for an imprisoned Jew or communist.

The precedent set last week, of the U.S. Senate saying that we in America face possible state censure for what can be ANY criticism of the military -- on the basis that such criticism can `impugn the honor' of the military -- is dangerous in the extreme if you know your history.

Naomi Wolf: The Attack On Moveonorg

It is nice to know that there are intelligent people with a greater audience, who truly love liberty who are fighting for the Grand Gal more than they are for partisan hack bullshit policies and personalities.


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