Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Control Freaks, with Social Problems. The're My Bread and Butter."

What does your hobbies/interests say about you? This came to mind while watching tonight's repeat of CSI, last season's last episode, which features the plot line of the case of the "Miniature killer." At one point in the show, the two top CSIs are at a model maker/hobby shop, asking the shop owner about some piece of evidence, and in the conversation, he describes his 'clientele' as I have it, up there in the subject line.

Hmm. I would guess that sort of hobby would attract not only control freaks but obsessives? Not that I am saying every one who does that kinda thing is a control freak and/or obsessive.

But now that it is my head, I find the question intriguing. What does what we like to do say about who we are?

Now myself, I used to be into computers a lot, but the innovation in the technology actually hit a plateau a few years back. Nowadays, computers are just a tool or an appliance to me. I still do my own upgrades, but it is mostly limited to necessary upgrades. And I should say, I am on the Internet a lot, but I sorta hate the net. For me, the main purpose of and use of the Internet is for getting data.

Now other than that brief list of what are not my hobbies or interests (really) let's get to what I actually do really like. I like to look. I like to look at pictures gpx and vids, And what I like to look at most, is I like to look at women. Um I will stop there but to say that hmmm what I am most interested in is actually women, likely.

What does that say about me, if that is my favorite thing?

Well that is not all that I am interested in. I am into music, and I play bass and am learning guitar.

Chicks dig that, right?

Ok. so that is me. What about you? What do you like to do and what does that say about you?


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