Sunday, September 02, 2007

Conservative Cognitive Dissonance Part Deux. Let's Play a Round of I DARE YA!

This post goes out, particularly, to them, the few, the confused, the deluded, the 28% or so percent who still say they support the Debacle in Iraq, despite the fact more then 2/3rds of the country either see it as a failure, a policy born out of lies, product of and currently still a poster child of egregious incompetent planning and leadership, or to say it simply, it is just bloody and costly bullshit.

This is the dare I have for all ya'll.

Name one time when you were in the minority of thought against 2/3rds of your fellow Americans on any issue, and later, by virtue of actual evidence, were proven to be correct and the majority of Americans were proven to be wrong?

Can you prove, by any evidence, that you have proven yourself to be that much smarter, that much more analytically astute, that much better a predictor of unknowns that you staked-out and publicly married the unpopular idea, and were proven, later, to really know better than 2/3rds of your fellow Americans?

And I mean something concrete, here. I mean, taking some position on some issue for which now there are objective facts and a mountain of evidence that the majority of observers now say shows that your guess was the correct guess?

And to be specific, for evidence, I do not mean some sort of bullshit 'gut feeling,' bullshit 'moral certainty,' or reference to Scripture as saying you are right and all non-obedient folk are heretics and heathens, and therefore wrong in The Eyes of the Lord, twaddle.

I am talking empirical facts here. I am saying prove it. Mere arguments and wishful thinking are just bullshit. Deeply held convictions are bullshit too, for the purposes of this exercise. And just the same, and to be redundant, the mere fact you still believe a minority POV even if the weight of evidence does not support it, and the majority of quantified other Americans are to your mind in denial, none of that shit will not count as evidence, either.

You have to prove that you were accurate and correct and in the wee minority of opinion, to start, and you have to prove that history, that the march of time itself, proves you were the brilliant maverick.

Oh and the purpose of this round of I Dare Ya?

Just to make the not-exactly scientific observation, that if that has never happened, if you can not come up with one provable, factually-supported incident where your maverick, against the odds, wild talents were proved to be so acute and prophetic?

Well your previous total failure to prove that you ever were that smart or that correct does not necessarily mean it can never be the case in the future, or particularly in your persistent support of the Debacle in Iraq. However, it does serve as statistical evidence that anything but future total failure to prove that you ever were that smart of that correct is Highly Improbable.

Aww! Geeze Louise! I can hear ya at it, this damn far away! Will ya please friggen STOP with the dissembling, and excuse making, and short-odds, increasingly unhinged from reason and reality possible answers. Leave that sort of bratty behaviour for actual pre-pubescent brats? Few things are less convincing than an alleged adult acting like some kid caught with the spilled milk on the floor and the glass still in his hand saying,"The dog did it."

Ya. Please. Have some self-respect. Don't go there, PLEASE???


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