Friday, September 07, 2007

Bonus Friday Double Post. America's Greatest General . . STILL . . .

George Washington.


Because he understood the difference between strategic and tactical. He knew what his political objective was, all those long and hard years. His mission was to keep relatively intact the always-struggling, always-outgunned Continental Army, in the face of the might and the glory of the Imperial Redcoats. Granted, the victories at Princeton and even Monmouth were salves to the fledgling rebellion, but it is not any major engagement that is the cause of our (and I mean SHOULD and RIGHTLY be) gratitude and respect for GW. It is the fact he met the short term strategic and political objective and that was to continue to field an effective fighting force (thereby allowing the diplomats to make that deal with the French, and well with out them there is no Yorktown and no USA.

Remember that.

Winning all the battles does not mean shit if you do not win the political war.

And you can win the political war with out necessarily being the dominant killing machine.



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