Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh. And in case you have not figured it out yet (I have not been crystal clear on this point, I admit.)

Here are the reasons I more often than not use the word douchebag, instead of some other expression of the descriptive idea that I am trying to communicate.

Firstly, there is that whole, what it means/how I have explained what it means to me thing. If you have read the explanations in the prior posts, you know that I mean to convey a very particular descriptive message there.

Next, although I sometimes use the phrase semi-sociopath, the term sociopath is not even approved by the American Psychiatric Association, anymore. So if I were using the proper clinical language I would have to say it this way:

Person with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

That is way too much to type. And douchebag does have the right emotional ring, don't it?

And before I stop I declare, that I do not have cred. in psychology. I am going off of what I have learned over the years both out of text books, and from living here on this planet. And one last last thing? I know that most people who seem to fit my definition of douchebag do not have a full blown case of Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Few people do (mercy, that.) However the kind that you and I are likely to meet are partially there, or half way there, and honestly that is a bad enough experience, dealing with someone only half way to being a total sociopath.

You don't ever want to get close to a full sociopath.


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