Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Morning Mental Vapor Lock

Hmm. Monday's are often a slow day for not only my mind, but for the entire world (of issues, ideas, and events.)

I don't know where to (bother to) start. Let me review what I have rejected, thusfar.

Racism, other forms of bigotry and the (excuseless) apologists.

Na. I was deep enough into that shit last week. Granted, the bigots of the nation are still there, and it seems they are using the internet to virtually sniff each others' farts and say to each other something like:

"Sweet. Just like mine. Funny how farts that smell like mine smell sweet to me. You are my BFF! Now let's go to some web forum and insult anyone who's skin/religion/politics/favorite brand of toothpaste is different than ours. Oh. You like Crest Tartar Control? Well I say the only one fit for me is Crest Extra Whitening. You dissagree? Well oh ya? Fwck you you suck. You should be dead (for daring to think other than I do.)"

Ok. Turns out that once I got started there, I kept going. That proves that once I get to thinking too much about racists and bigots, I tend to get on a roll.

Oh and just so no one thinks I am a plagarist, I give creds and props to Emo. He is the commedian (well I have no idea what he is up to these days) who wrote the classic "Lutheran Bit," back in the mid-80's, from which I have sorta jacked the style of my bit, above.

Hey. Let me look for that. Even if I have posted it before, It is worth another look see.

Oh LORD. I should have guessed. Over the past 20 - more years, the joke has morphed not only as to which religion is poked, but it is now longer and funnier, making the point that much more forceful.

Ok. I have to start another post; it is too long!


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