Monday, August 27, 2007

It is Almost Sad, Really.

Not Gonzo's retirement (and I should not have been so chicken with the time frame for my guess as to when he would be gone.)What is sad is watching Bush and Bush Administration apologists.

It is like seeing little old ladies wearing clothes that went out of fashion decades ago, oblivious to the fact that they look more than a little dotty.

It is like watching the poor fool who is trying to look all smooth and cool, walking across the banquet hall, oblivious to the fact he is trailing a tail of toilet paper from his shoe.

It is like watching some dork try to sound all-smart while talking about some topic, but his zipper is down, and everyone knows it, but him.

It is like seeing someone in the fancy restaurant, in their fancy clothes, with the fancy sauce stain, dribbling down the front of their blouse.

Ok. I think I made the key point. Obliviousness is the key point, particularly being oblivious to the reality that (lemme check the polls) about only a third of Americans still have a positive view of Bush (and that figure is damned close to those who still support the Iraq Debacle. I believe that that is not a coincidence.) So before one gets to the matter of how weak (or totally delusional) any particular defense of Bush or his Adm. happens to be, there is the premise, that 2/3rds of Americans ain't gonna buy the argument no matter how calmly and sanely the argument is presented.

That is the first level of why it is almost sad. The next level? Well, it depends, as some of the Bush Fan Club are clearly not living in the same stream of time and under the relatively same definitions and meanings for 'sanity,' 'reality,' and as well, the rules of usage for the English Language. But it breaks down into at least two groups, after that. There are the ones like I say who are just looking a little sad, that they are so far behind the curve, and really have no idea that their arguments are just that weak. But then there are the others; the psychotics. I could give examples of some of the truly disturbed psychotic babble I have seen on the Internet. Shit, hell, damn. I just today read some truly vile thread on the Hannity Board where the most extreme of the psychotics were discussing a "Final Solution" for the libs. Yes, there are limits to how far one can go in discussing violence and murder, over there, and if these sick puppies did not cross the line, they are as close to it as is possible, but really? A discussion about the ways to kill the liberals?

That is not sad, that is scary.

Anyway, oh! Here is the quote that sorta explains (by way of a semi-sarcastic remark) how crazy the (non violent) crazies who are still on Team Bush, are:

The cartoon monsters you create in your mind are truly horrible.

Try sleeping with a night light.

Not all of them still on Team Bush are paranoid. But some? I think that is the only state of mind some of these folk entertain. Well, as bad as it must be to be that paranoid, that much of the time, it could be worse. I mean I have covered the violent ones, here.

Last remark for now, on these matters:

I know I should not spend that much time, reading the crazy, hateful, deeply-disturbed, and sometimes psychotically violent things some of these folk post on the Internet.

Call the following a cop-out if you like but I do get a certain benefit from doing it; schadenfreude. After all, I read some of what the more disturbed ones' post, and I think:

"Damn. It must be AWFUL having them kind of thoughts controlling one's mind. I can't imagine living life that way. Glad I am not that messed up!"


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