Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was so close to the Imperial City that

I spent time, for the past five days, driving on the D.C. Beltway.

I am none the worse for it, although I have to say the guards at the NIH facility were very helpful when I asked for directions. I messed up, and did not follow their expert advice (shame on me) and made it halfway to Alexandria before I managed to turn around and get myself on the right heading. Anyway . . . )

Well were are we, then?

I could talk about so many things, but I will do a few quickies:

1. Dennis Miller has a radio show, now. Majorly sucking, it is. He knows less about politics than a dust bunny, and he was not funny. He was not even trying to be funny. He was playing it straight. Barf, Barf.

2. Rove is retiring. However, from my POV that is not enough good news. I mean, if he really did not commit a felony during his White House years, I hope some of Satan's Minions pop up out of the Hell Mouth, like in the Opera, Don Giovanni, and drag his nasty ass down to the lower levels of Hell. He has earned it, I believe for sure. I would bet my life that if there truly was an objective standard, he would be judged as part of the problem of what is wrong with America, generally, and American Politics and Government, specifically. And ya'll know I hate bullshit, and he is about as bullshit a person as it gets.

And lastly . . .

3. I wanna hear/see more about Sean Hannity's (likely at this point technically legal, but) sleazy, essentially bullshit charity. I heard the douchebag railing on the dems today for using the troops, and he is running a charity that is allegedly for their (the deceased hero's) kids, and millions of the money collected is going into some peoples' pockets.


Looks like Hannity cares more about taking care of his "good friends" than the scholarship program.

Hmmm. Maybe them Satanic Minions should grab his ass up too, when they get here to get "Turd Blossom's" stank ass.


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