Sunday, August 26, 2007

Don't Believe The Hype.

I was googling for historical information on "Regime Change," to see if I could find a single example of a foreign invader actually pulling that off, in a fractured and heavily-factionalized country, such alleged-country only having been anything resembling a country while under the despotic rule of a vicious tyrant.

(Ya that was my intent, to prove the negative. Well, I intended to do that until I got bored and moved on to something else. But anyway . . .)

I came aross something that triggered an idea for a post (and that trigger was some nitwit's repetition of the lie about how the US "WON" the Cold War against the Soviet Union.) And that idea is:

My preliminary list of Lies and Bullshit, damaging to America, But Believed by Too Many People.

Here goes my first crack at it:

(1) the US "WON" the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

(2) Ronnie Reagan "WON" the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

(3) Ronnie Reagan was a conservative.

(4) Ronnie Reagan was a good president.

(5) We could have "WON" the Vietnam War, but for (fill in the blank with dem/lib/media/pinko/hippie) bastards.

(6) George W. Bush is a conservative.

(7) George W. Bush is a good president.

(8) (Even if it so far beyond human ability to be able to measure and learn the content of some politician's character, if all you have for your data-set are sound bites, vid clips, print media gossip, and their own manufactured bullshit) people can accurately measure the content of a candidate's character, so they "honestly" can claim they voted for the more moral/decent/godly, or said as 'better' man.

(9) (Incorporating by reference the parenthetical clause, above), character matters more than ability or intellect in a politician (never minding the objective fact that character is way more of a subjective and elusive quality to quantify.)

(10) We would be sure to win the war in Iraq, but for the (fill in the blank with dem/lib/media/pinko/hippie) bastards.

(11) First we need to provide security, then Iraq can have a functioning government.

(Only need to reference the following bullshit/lie phrases to make the point):

(12) Iraqi People.

(13) Iraqi Nation.

(14) Iraqi Government.

(15) Iraqi Security.

(16) Iraqi Democracy.

Oh. And to end, the following, and it is a quote from that NYT OpEd written by the 82 Abn. troopers.* As such, I am not going to edit it, but instead I will post it as they wrote it; that means it will show their negation of the bullshit, as opposed to the assertion of such bullshit:

" To believe that Americans, with an occupying force that long ago outlived its reluctant welcome, can win over a recalcitrant local population and win this counterinsurgency is far-fetched."

Shit. I haven't even touched on either general foreign policy nor domestic issue. Another time, perhaps.

* For the record, my dad did some of his earlier Airborne Career as a member of the 82nd. Call me biased or not, I am providing full disclosure here. Oh, and for the record, my Dad's real Unit Allegiances are to :

(a) 2nd Ranger Company (Korea) the Buffalo Rangers, and

(b) 187 Regimental Combat Team ("Ne Desit Virtus"). RAKKASANS!!!

As only the military can complicate things, the 187 "Regiment" is currently The Third Brigade of the 101 Airborne Division.


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