Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Didn't I Warn Ya'll that Giuliani is a Douche?

Correction; I likely said dangerous sociopath. But let's not split hairs here (even if I am self-correcting).

Today's headline from Detroit:

Giuliani, in Detroit, wants Chertoff for top attorney.


I guess his good buddy Keric is too busy being a customer of the Justice Department to be able to be in the running for the job, himself.

Come to think of it (and to quote the Boy Blunder himself), I say . . . "Bring it on!"

"Chertoff's selection also could cause its own complications: It would require two Senate confirmation hearings for a lame-duck presidency - one to fill Gonzales' post and another to confirm someone to replace Chertoff.However, Chertoff supporters say he could weather a tough confirmation fight. He already has won near unanimous Senate confirmation as assistant attorney general, judge and Homeland Security secretary."

(Emphasis Added)


The part that I bolded, is my inspiration for hoping they (The Boy Blunder and his minions) actually try this. I mean if it were not for the actual record of this Administration I would guess that no Administration in such a position ( tanking in the polls, reeling from scandal after scandal, including the criminal conviction of a Senior WH Advisor, who's commutation of sentence is itself another scandal, elected and baseless and unpopular war that no matter what amt. of tiny good news just seems to be the greatest geopolitical blunder since? Since? Ever!) would have the audacity to push for yet another POLARIZING and PARTISAN because of the WITLESS CHOICE contested confirmation.

But that would be the smart choice, to avoid all that shit. But remember. Bush is the President who tried to serve a plastic turkey to troops in-country. There is no limit, it seems, to the shit these folk will attempt.


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