Saturday, August 18, 2007

Authoritarians majorly suck. Totalitarians suck even more!

I am not up for all that much of my own blather today. I have been grinding mental gears here, while doing the laundry two-step. One of the things on my mind lately, however, is how much I believe that authoritarians suck, and how I am actually more afraid (not in the cowering in the corner sense, but what I take as a realistic and menacing threat to my well being and constitutionally-protected rights as an American, afraid) of our home-grown authoritarians.

Well, after six years of living under the home grown Terrorists, a/k/a The Bush Administration, can you blame me for fearing what massive damage home grown authoritarians can do? Dude! Open your eyes! If this is the future, I despair!

Ok. I will stop with the overstating things, but I really do not like it that our elected officials are trying to scare us.

Scare = Frighten = Terrorize. Savvy?

Oh, and I have understood that for quite a long time. Most scary thing is there still are way too many Americans who do not get that obvious bit of truth.

Oh, and speaking of obvious, here is my vote for quote of the year:

"[i]n an era of mass delusion and denial on the party of leaders in both major political parties, stating the obvious can be a radical act."

John Nichols, in The Nation. No disrespect, but I do not think this is a true original quote. It seems way too universal to be anything new. KnowwhatImean? I just finished watching season II of Rome, and I can imagine Cicero or Brutus, or Cassius saying much the same thing, if not on the steps of the Senate, at least in a private residence, where the few remaining citizens loyal the idea of a true Republic, meet in secret and plot against the Tyrant.

Tyrants are at least authoritarian, if not worse, ya know!


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