Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As Willie Nelson sings it, You Were Always On My Mind . . .

and I mean Iraq, and I don't mean I like it. I hate that Iraq is always on my mind. Then again, I thought the "invasion" or as I call it sometimes, the "misadventure" was so wrong headed, and so obviously the product of obviously disturbed and ignorant minds, that (using my new favorite indicator of disorganized and impaired thinking) people must have been, "Smokin' crack, 'n crackin' 40s," to believe that there was any basis at all for believing ANYONE could pull it off, leave alone the specific gang of idiots in this administration, specifically being led by our Messianic and Sociopathic boy-blunder POTUS.

(I will stop there on that vein. I did get fired up I admit!)

Anyway, sorry in advance, if I am repeating myself, at least partially. But it needs be said, at least based on the fact some folk still have not seen the light, or otherwise experienced the epiphany that, "It is the POLITICS stupid," not the kicking in of doors and blowing of shit up that is what this war is really about.

Time for the refresher course.

Herr Clausewitz says it this way.

"War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means."

And I quote him as I have been witnessing (via sight and sound) far to much, lately, the hue and cry of the warbirds, regarding the imminent report of Gen. Petraeus, that the opponents are going to (or have started):

"The Dems will diveret attention/blame from the military to the Iraqi politicians." (That is a direct quote from some warbird on a message board.)

Failing to see that yes, the point of foreign policy with guns and bombs is to change or otherwise force a political matter is a stunning and excuseless level of ignorance, I say. Then again, that shows how we got stuck in this mess; too many people don't get it, that the purpose of war is to continue politics and taking that one step further, achieve a political objective.

Hell, I heard some AM radio NeoCon telling what was an absolute whopping steaming pile of bullshit, the other day. The bullshitter in question was Mark Levin. His steaming pile? I can not quote it directly but it was to the effect that we should not be too concerned that the gvt. in Iraq is a failure, and that once the military gets things right, that then the Iraqi gvt. would fall together.

My (theoretical) reply to that? Dude! Give me just ONE example of a similar situation working out that way?

(Never has worked that way, far as I know. )

To say it simply, that without something resembling a functional gvt. there, what ever we do is fundamentally pointless. And furthermore, keeping Americans there (and letting them die there) is a pointless mission. My point is simple and obvious to anyone who knows the most basic fundamental Geopolitical and/or Military Science Theory. Them that don't get that are either truly ignorant (as in have not quite yet learned the most basic of either Geopolitical or Military Science Theory), or are so evilly partisan they are willing to let more Americans die rather than admit that they fucked up. (Ok there are in theory more answers to the question, but hey. I am trying to make a point here.)

Oh and as I jacked a quote from a certain message board, I might as well sum up, at least re the Patreus Report, with another jack:

"General Petraeus (taking his cue from Vietnam's General Westmoreland), is gonna say in essence, that if he gets a few thousand more troopies he'll have the war won in about six months. And of course, he'll get his troopies and . . ."

That sorta sums up my forcast about the report. Even if I was a youngster during the 'Nam Years, I sorta have been having flashbacks. That has been not so much on account of the situation on the ground, but becuase the bullshit being tossed around sounds mighty familiar to me. And in closing, I will make another song reference, as that is where I stared this, with a musical reference:

Everything old
is new again.

Da dadda da
da da da da da
da da
da da da


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