Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Them Kinda Assholes

Hmm mmm.

You know what and who I mean. Narcs. Tattletales. Natural Born Assholes. Hate them!

Now, I might not have been the paragon of cool, or the "Born to be Bad," seed, any of those cliches. I was a fairly normal, even if socially a little reserved, smart kid. Smart kid (not the smartest but one of the smart kids) not one of the smart asses.

Smart asses will easilly narc if that protects their status as king or queen of the sand box. If you are an adult and haven't learned that lesson yet, you need to repeat 3rd grade. Anyway . . .

It is one thing to be conniving. Sheee-it I connived a little in grade school but that was partly because I was mostly a "good kid" and sought approval (and the teachers were all female up till 7th grade.) But I got a pay off for my conniving.

I got the attention of ladies. That seems to have always been and still is my prime motivation in life.

But was I ever a narc merely for the perverted joy of being a narc?

Frack that!

So I have no sympathy for adult narcs. I have no empathy for some one who's body might be adult but who's brain is still in that twisted, warped, backward frame of mind to process the thought:

"I can tell on Jane, Joe. Then I will be a good boy/girl."

Screw that. I was a good boy because I could out think, and academically out perform more than 90% of my classmates.

Now if I were a more generous person, I guess I could feel sympathy for them that had/have nothing more going on in their life, no talent, no skill, no value but for being a source of tattle tales against their peers.

But I am not feeling that generous.

So this is why I have no sympathy or empathy for people who tattle tale to get attention. In short they should actually do someting of worth, if they want to be noticed. It is that simple.

Granted, there are genuine wrong doers in the world who deserve to be ratted out, but if all you got for a skill-set is being da rat?

Da-yam skippy. It must SUCK DEEPLY to be you.

And I will leave you to that.


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