Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Screw Current Events. Time for some Eye Candy.

Presenting the women of NCIS (CBS TV).

The first Steamy Brunette is Pauley Perrette. She plays Abby, the goth forensic specialist/scientist. Now the actress actress has a funky enough history, herself. She is big on civil rights and is "currently shooting and producing a documentary on legendary civil rights attorney Mark Lane." My kinda gal. Smart and passionate about protecting the life and liberty of others.

Next Steamy Brunette is Cote de Pablo. She plays Ziva David, former Mossad agent, tasked to NCIS. Not only does the character kick serious butt, but the actress looks like she can do if for real. She is Chilean. She attended Carnegie Mellon U. She is a Scorpio. She can put a dog collar and leash on me and make me beg (sorry if anyone is offended by me saying that, but she is THAT HAWT!! So say I!!!)

Last, is Lauren Holly. She plays NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. I am not in love with the character, even if it is a strong female (and I am a sucker for REAL strong females; phonys can just step-off, but a convincing strong woman is appealing to me.) I think she is doing the best with the scripts, but the writers have yet to flesh out her character, enough. Granted, she gets less screen time than others, and they have given her character more involvement in story lines this season, but shoot, we need more about the person, not just the "vocational" crap.

As far as the actress goes, I have had a crush on her since her stint on "Picket Fences."

She is still HAWT, even if I have some complaints with both the Art Director and Lead Cameraman. Use the right lenses and collaborate with the lighting director for crying out loud. Just because she is supposed to be the SERIOUS DIRECTOR, does not mean you all should shoot her in a crappy frame (Damnit!)


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