Saturday, July 28, 2007

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

An insightful comix is worth a posting.

I said it before, and I will say it again.

I did not think the first Gulf War was worth a single American suffering a single paper cut.

I did not think the Second Gulf War (a/k/a The War in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom) was worth a single American getting a single paper cut over, either.

At least I am consistent.

It is not like I actually want Iraqis to die. I would much prefer for all of them people in the entire region to become, overnight, as strict as pacifists as the strictest of Buddhist Monks.

But barring that? I say let them kill each other, and we as a nation should not care, and do NOTHING about it, if the alternative is to get in the middle and place our good INNOCENT Americans in the middle of that shit.

I am willing to stand before the moral authority of the universe if and when the time comes as I will declare soundly:

Sorry if I am wrong to say so, but them Mid-Eastern bastids? (and if you have reviewed my file you know I am from Joisey and 'bastids' ain't a cuss in Joisey at least!) Them bastids have been killing each other over totally meanigless crap for thousands of years, and I did not think there was a good reason, Christian Based, or on account of Atheistic Process of Raw Logic & Reason, for doing jack-squat for them.

Hey, it is not like I am one of those ding-bats who remember Scripture and just fail to understand it. I know what Jesus Lord meant by 'Turn The Other Cheek.'

He did not mean be a punk-ass, and take the beating, but he meant don't make it easy for someone to punk-ass you if you can avoid it, as much as you should not punk others, so . . . .

my analysis?

Getting involved in the Mid-East cycle of brutality, psychopathy, and hate is the OPPOSITE of turning the other cheek.

And if you will permit me (hey I am from Joisey as you know) I would have to say that getting involved in Mid-East psychosis is far closer to spreading one's cheeks, than turning one's cheek.

Either part of the human anatomy we are talking about, it makes sense.

Involvement in Mid-East Psychopathology is going to lead to one (as opposed to the other set) set of cheeks getting abused, and abused badly.



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