Monday, July 23, 2007

I am SO Sick to Death of the War Mongering, American Killing Chicken Hawks . . .

To explain.

I just now watched some vid of David Brooks (who sometimes I can marginally respect) bullshitting about how a pull out of Iraq now may result in ten thosand dead Iraqis a month, as opposed to to about 150 dead Americans a month if we stay. HORRIBLE MATH I say (as I care way more for innocent Americans than Iraqis. What ever is wrong with Iraq no matter the extreme level of American meddling, is still basically locally caused.) Anyway Brooks (in this 'debate' x Bob Woodward, on Meet the Press) did admit that when it is all said and done, that he basically (I am going large here so there is no misunderstanding the point) :

pulled the figure out of the air
without data to support it.

So here is what I would have said to the douche if I were there.

"Hmm now Mr. Brooks. Now I am not really a tough guy but I am damn sure I could break your neck here and now despite your resisting, so I ask you. If I am as (baselessly) sure that by killing your punk ass now I can save 10,000 lives do I have your permission to break your damn neck?"

Now we know that he would not give me permission to do him like that.

But still, I would like to know how he or any other pro war partisan can justify other Americans dying for their certainty of the worthiness in that sacrafice, but how it would not be as good if it was their freaking necks/lives being sacraficed for the people of Iraq.

Damn Hypocrites.

(Ok I came back and cleaned the language up some. And after that, I did some trimming. I hope I am still making my point.)


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