Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't Jump to Conclusions. Now Remember Kids. Just Because . . .

someone tends to heap violent abuse on others, breaks the norms of regular social interaction, totally disregards community standards, is majorly obsessive (in the clinical sense of the word, not the street meaning), is easily bored, and likely to go to perverse extremes to avoid boredom, at best is ONLY superficially "decent" a human, is manipulative, and uncaring, tends to be an attention whore, actually admits to enjoying doing all the above, behaves at the emotional development level of a particularly badly affected 9 year old, and furthermore, is a screamingly paranoid bigot,

does not necessarily mean they are

(a) suffering from an antisocial personality disorder, and as well a
(b) borderline psychosis, and as well suffering from
(c) paranoid delusions.

(Or said otherwise . . . a spectacularly self destructive douchebag. )

I mean really. They may really be high on PCP or Meth.

Don't be so judgmental. Or say it the way I do:

"Either that one is off their meds or is on the wrong stuff, for sure!"


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