Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thanks for the Link. Now LISTEN to the Man (fool!)

Ok. I confess. Not only am I still rubbernecking on that damn message board, but I have been paying more attention to the "America At War" forum. That can get my blood boiling faster than the other forums, but mercifully, it works out to be more cathartic for me these days. Those folk who particularly boil my blood are those dangerous fools who comprise what I think of, as of now at least (as I am about to create a new way of saying it) "Go Down With the Ship War Mongers." I say it that way as these fools are willing to follow the road of POLITICAL failure in Iraq to it's most absurd and disastrous end.

And before I finish the original thought I will declare the following:

I am against the war. I have been since before day one. And that means that if things had gone my way that not only would all those who have been killed and wounded not be killed or wounded, not only would the billions and billions of dollars not be lost in that sink hole, but

GWB would not likely be the least popular president, ever, with not only the whole country, but his own party.

(Ya, I am an America Hater and a Bush Hater, because I am not in favor of this disastrous, from the political pov., and unnecessary foreign intervention. Anyway . . .)

One of those critters who I think of as a "Go Down With The Ship War Monger," posted this vid on some thread to bolster his continued support of the war in Iraq, and the original need for it.

Irony is, this lecturer seems to understand that we did not have the necessary political resources lined up to deal with the consequences of speedy military success. He sees that there was no plan.

Basically, this guy understands the thing that people like me were saying, way back, and that is, we do not want the guys we have trained to be the best, most professional, most awesome "Trigger Pullers," to be handing out aid, after. We want other people who are not by experience and profession "Trigger Pullers" doing that stuff.


Although he did not say it particularly, I will. This is one of my favorite "usually true" truisms:

Now you can make a flying car, but you are likely to make something that not only does not fly all that well, or is all that great of a car. You wanna fly in a good airplane? Get a good airplane. You wanna drive in a good car? Get a good car. Avoid the hybrid.

And even if the good Doctor does not say it that exact way, he makes the argument in detail.

This vid is not short but it is worth it, particularly at the end, where he divides up available "forces and resources" between the Trigger Pullers, and the Aid Givers.

Shit on a shingle. To show you how AWFUL the Bush Administration is, they had this guy there, on Pentagon retainer (I don't think he was technically an employee) and he had all these idea and plans and had been telling the brass these things for years.

And we well know too well, that he was ignored. And that is why things are the way they are. The man with the plan was ignored by the White House crew, and by Rumsfeld and his crew.

I will skip (even if I originally posted them) the unflattering adjectives, but I have remembered a word that to my mind truly expresses the depth of the Political Failure of the Bush Administration, in Iraq:



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