Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok. I can't resist the follow-up here.

Ya'll remember what I said a few posts back about how a certain kind of supermalicious, mentally-unstable and socially inept person deserves to be called a certain word?

Take special note of the way she smiles after wishing death on Edwards.

Now is that being a douchebag, or what?

Edite to Adde:

Before I get to that part, I almost added a remark about Dick Cheney, who could very well be the poster boy for the Senior Division of Douchebaggery. Honestly, if I am not the FIRST to predict this on the internet, I want to be counted among the first, at least. Now think about it. Would it suprise you if Dick Cheney manages to refuse to leave his office, and barricade himself in his undisclosed location, pulling some crazy old man version of a psycho gun nut last stand?

Remember. This is the guy who SHOT his friend in the face.

And that leads into the real reason for this edit.

Thanks to the remark by the hero in this book I am reading, about how the bad guy is a pure psychopath, I am reminded of the near-similarity between douchebags and psychopaths.

You can say it the one way or the other way.

Way one:

A psychopath would be a douchebag, but for the fact they have just enough personality and charm not to be too offensive to others, too much of the time. In short, they have an effective disguise.

Way two:

A douchebag is an undisguised psychopath. The douchebag wishes they were as "smooth" as the psychopath, and/or may sometimes operate under the delusion they are smooth and passing, but to the rest of us, they are as obvious as the stink from a backed up septic tank.


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