Saturday, June 30, 2007

How to Effectively Fight the "Fairness Doctrine."

It has come to my attention that some people are all agitated over the chance that the "Fairness Doctrine" may be restored, and media companies, particularly right wing talk radio outlets, might have to adjust to some forced changes like being forced to really be really fair and balanced.

Ok. Now those of you who are afraid of this possibility listen to me. Don't Panic. Here is your solution.

Starting immediately, every right wing radio show will broadcast a disclaimer, let's say at least 6 times a broadcast. That disclaimer should say something like the following:

"This broadcast is for entertainment purposes only. Do not trust anything the host says. The host is nothing more than a paid performer who helps us get paid much more by the advertisers. Enjoy the host's performance but do not take the host for an authority on anything but the host's own opinion."

Yes my cure, my fix is to seperate the two halfs of that thing called infotainment, and leave only the side show freak as the component that shall remain as talk radio.

Hey, if those media outlets make it clear that all they are providing is the radio equavalent of Midget Wrestling or Dwarf Tossing, then they don't have to even try to be fair. That means they can do all Dwarf Tossing all the time, and someone else can do the Mexican Masked Wrestlers all the time, if that is their thing.

Oh. One other thing. While we are at it, Fox News Channel must change it's name. How about Fox ZANEY Comedy Channel. Then they can give up that "Fair and Balanced" bullshit slogan.

No they don't have to give it up. But they do have to add a punch line:

Fox . . . Fair and Balanced . . . awww, we just keeding! (*rimshot*)

Ok that is the fix.


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